Quest Church



After a half dozen years, Quest Church in Martinez, GA, outgrew the strip mall it shared with a music store, a barber shop and a pizza parlor. But it didn’t outgrow its sense of adventure and a rough-hewn vibe. Years of “making do” had built a healthy understanding of the place of buildings in ministry.

When the time came to build a new campus in a neighboring community, Quest’s leaders were committed to squeezing the most out of the resources available.


  • Provide new space for worship and ministry to the Next Generation
  • Build in a way that will accommodate long-term flexibility
  • Communicate clearly who Quest is… and isn’t.


Over a two-day period announced just weeks before, Good City worked with leaders, members and local professionals to understand Quest’s culture and vision. At the end of the exercise, a concept emerged that would use a combination of prefabricated and pre-engineered structures to establish a beachhead for around 400 worshippers and nearly 300 children. A master plan for the 10-acre site, developed as part of the same exercise, offers a strategy for continued growth and changing uses.

Our hope is that [the building] will be utilized beyond just our needs.

With construction under way, about 50 Quest members began meeting at a YMCA near the new location. Pastor John Kenney saw it as a way of saying “hello” and being part of the community, independent of its buildings. When the building is complete, the church will reunite as one congregation in a building it plans to share with that community. “Our hope is that it will be utilized beyond just our needs.”


  • The plan, images, and budget produced in the initial design process helped leaders explain the purpose and strategy of the challenge before them, resulting in a high level of member unity and commitment
  • Quest placed about 20,000 square feet of new ministry space on a previously undeveloped site for a price tag of about $3 million
  • As details of the ministry change in response to community needs, a “permanent” central green will anchor a complex of bright, simple buildings
Aerial view of Quest site

Quest’s Education/Office (at top) and Worship building are placed to define an important community green and anticipate growth.

Quest Worship

The worship space is a flexible setting with balanced acoustics to reinforce both music and the spoken word.

Quest Children's Lobby

Bright, uncomplicated finishes turn a modular structure into effective space for Quest’s “Next Generation” ministry.

A simple animation helped Church leaders explain the big ideas.