March 19, 2018 Good City

Advent UMC Groundbreaking

Advent United Methodist Church celebrated the groundbreaking of its new sanctuary Sunday afternoon, about 13 months after a fire destroyed its old building.

“We’re very excited about this transition to move forward. We can’t wait to see things happening, to see the structure go up, and more importantly than that, a year from now we’ll hopefully be moving into our new sanctuary so we’ll be able to welcome more people and make a bigger impact in our community,” said Senior Pastor Michael Turner.

The congregation gathered in the front parking lot after their worship service to pray and to celebrate a new beginning.

Turner said the fire and the first steps of the rebuilding process have brought the congregation together.

“Over and over, throughout history, God has proven that he carries us through the most difficult times. He’s made it his business to bring light out of darkness and hope out of despair,” Turner said. “It was difficult to watch it burn, but it has been incredible to see God carry us through this and see his faithfulness in the process.”

Turner said the fire was just another reminder that the church is not a building, it’s the people.

The story, “Simpsonville church celebrates groundbreaking more than a year after fire”, from which this post is excepted, was produced by Jenni Knight, and first appeared at March 18, 2018