In 19th century Paris, architecture students up against a deadline were seen completing their work while perched upon a wagon. Horses pulled the wagon steadily toward the Ecole des Beaux Arts, the school of architecture, where professors waited. The students were working to get ideas on paper before the wagon stopped and the assignment was due.

Architects use the French word for wagon – charrette – to describe an intense design effort with narrow time constraints.

DayONE is built around just such an effort. Within a matter of hours or days, Good City® can take the data, direction and input we’ve gathered and quickly identify a handful of strategies to provide what’s needed. We can’t address every issue, but we’ve consistently found that our experience allows us to produce answers in this crucible that are both inspired and effective.


Gather Data

DayONE data
With your help, we’ll collect mission statements, program descriptions, calendars, site maps, blueprints and attendance figures. We’ll research Building Codes and touch base with Zoning officials. These will form a foundation for our work. Don’t have anything on paper? We can measure your facility and create what we need from scratch.


Meet with Leadership


We’ll sit down with your leadership team to learn about how you’re wired – the Why?, What? and How? of your ministry. This conversation is the foundation of everything else we do, and the test of a project’s success. We’ll summarize and record what we hear before doing anything else.


Town Hall

Good City® will conduct a Town Hall meeting to hear the heart and words of people outside the leadership team. The discussion can involve the entire congregation or be limited to ministry leaders and stakeholders.These sessions typically confirm what leaders have said and provide a foundation for future discussions of what’s being decided.



After we’ve heard from you and your people, we (and our people) will get to work exploring solutions. We prefer to work right at your place of ministry, so you can be part of the design team. We’ll sketch an idea, develop it or toss it, and move on to the next. Depending on how much time we have, Good City® will produce diagrams, site plans, floor plans, sketches, digital models, estimates, schedules, and other ways to describe the best options.


Choose a Preferred Solution

At the end of the charrette, we’ll put the drawings on the wall, invite your team to return, and share the results. We’ll go through the alternatives and evaluate the pluses and minuses of each. Our goal is to provide a presentation and analysis that’s clear enough to let you to identify the strategy and design that’s best for your ministry.


Complete the Story

Once we know where we’re headed, Good City® will polish up the presentation and record key information. You’ll be equipped with words, pictures and numbers on paper or in electronic form that spell out the vision, the challenge, and critical next steps.